In an effort to help the recyclers, employees and their families who have been effected and devastated by Hurricane Katrina, a relief fund has been established by the Auto & Truck Recyclers of IL and all concerned fellow recyclers. So many have already called for information and want to give. I encourage all of you to give what you can. If you would like to specify who or where you would want your donation to go just send a letter stating just that. It is one thing to watch all the horrifying sites on TV and read the endless heart wrenching stories in the newspaper, but, after speaking to some of the members in the south and hearing their stories, it is just unimaginable to me and so sad. We will be keeping track of all donations and who it is going to. An application form has been designed so we can accurately help those in need. The form also asks if anyone would be seeking temporarily employment at a salvage yard.

Make checks out to the Recycler Relief Fund

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